Start of the Ski Season 2012/13 in Sölden

GS 1st Run
Lindsey had a good 1st Run and got 12th after the 1st Run.

2nd Run
She started good into the 2nd Run but then her hand got caught on a gate and she crashed.  She bruised her hand but luckily it wasn’t so bad.

Levi, Slalom:

Lindsey skipped the Slalom.

Aspen Giant Slalom & Slalom:

GS 1st Run
It was Lindsey’s Comeback after her illness. She started good into the run and had only one mistake which cost her a lot energy for the bottom. She got 10th all in all.

GS 2nd Run
Lindsey skied from my view a run without mistakes but she didn’t have the energy to ski the ideal line. She lost some time till the finish and got 21st at the end. She lay totally exhausted in the finish area after her run. She is a fighter & never gives up that's really admirable.

Lake Louise Downhill & Super G:

1st DH:
Lindsey had bib 16 and it was a foggy day. There were some breaks because of the fog but Lindsey was able to have a great run and she got 1st with a margin of 1.73! Stacey Cook got 2nd! There was a long break but luckily 30 racers made it down and so the result was counted! It was a great victory for Lindsey after her illness!

2nd DH:
Lindsey had bib 21 & it was again foggy. Lindsey had fog during her run and made a big mistake the the fish net where she nearly landed in the net but she was able to recover & make up the time! She won her 13th race in "Lake Lindsey" & she had 55th wins one win more than Hermann Maier & she was equal with Vreni Schneider!!!

Lindsey had bib 21 again! Lindsey was able to win the race but you could see that she was really exhausted after the race! She won her 14th race in "Lake Lindsey" & she has now 56th wins one more than Vreni Schneider!!! She is the Speed Queen :)

St.Moritz Super Combine, Super G & Giant Slalom:

It was a SC with a Super G & Slalom. Lindsey had bib 20 in the SG. She had quite a good run and got 4th after the SG. Lindsey unfortunately got DNF in the Slalom!

Lindsey had bib 21 and start was moved to the reserve start because it was windy and also a bad view. The course setting was more like a fast GS but Lindsey made a great run and won with a margin of 0.37 hundreths in front of Tina Maze!  It was her 57th victory!

GS 1st Run:
Lindsey had bib 4.  Lindsey had a good run and got 5th after the 1st Run.

GS 2nd Run:
Lindsey skied great till she had a big mistake which cost her a lot of time and she ended up 23rd. She was struggling with her energy for the 2nd run.

Val d’Isere Downhill & Super G:

Lindsey had  already in the last training run a nearly crash where she caught a bump. In the race she had bib 16 & the view wasn’t so good.  Lindsey hit a bump and unfortunately crashed and landed in the net! She stood up afterwards and put her skis back on and came in the finish by herself! It was a scary race for me :(

Lindsey would have started but the weather was too bad and so the race got cancelled.

Courchevel Giant Slalom:

GS  1st Run:
Lindsey had bib 3 but she got DNF after some gates :( The slope was really icy and difficult!


Lindsey decided to take a break to get her energy back!
“After talking with my family and consulting with my coaches and trainers, I have decided to take a break from the World Cup circuit. Since my intestinal infection last month, I have been struggling with my energy and strength. I believe that some time off the mountain will help me regain the physical strength that I require to compete at the level that I demand from myself. I want to be emphatic that this has nothing to do with my recent interview with People Magazine. I had completed that interview weeks before I was in the hospital with the intestinal infection.
I want to thank my sponsors for their continued support. Most of all I want to thank my fans for all of the kind words and love you have shared with me. I wish all of you a happy and healthy holiday and look forward to getting back on the mountain in the new year.

Lindsey skipped the races in Are, Semmering, Munich and Zagreb! She came back at the begin of January to train in Maria Alm,Hinterreit and at the Ski Area Passo San Pellegrino in Italy!

St.Anton Downhill & Super G:

It was the 1st race after Lindsey’s break. The weather was sunny and not too cold. Lindsey had bib 17! She had  good run just one mistake in the top section but it was a great comeback. She got 6th!

The weather was also good. Lindsey had bib 16 this time.  She had great run and got 4th she was only one hundredth behind the 3rd placed. It was a great weekend considering that this were the first races after her break.

Cortina Downhill & Super G:

Lindsey had bib 20 and it was a sunny day. Her run was great without mistakes from top to the bottom and she had the best line. She won the race in front of Tina Maze and Leanne Smith.

Lindsey had bib 20 again but the weather was really bad. It was snowing and the light was flat. Lindsey did the best she could under these conditions and got 7th all in all. She also said: “. When you’re a bit out of the line then you’re nearly one or two seconds behind.”  All in all it was a great weekend.

Marburg/Maribor Giant Slalom & Slalom:

GS 1st Run:
Lindsey had bib 14. She had a great run especially at the bottom and middle part. She got 3rd after the 1st Run +0.48 behind the leader Tina Maze!

GS 2nd Run:
Lindsey attacked full from the top to the bottom and risked all. She had an awesome run and was in the lead.  Also Tina Maze wasn’t able to beat Lindsey and so she made her 59th victory :) That was really an awesome race and incredible victory.

SL 1st Run:
Lindsey decided to start in the Slalom. She had bib 32 and her run wasn’t so bad. She didn’t ski much Slalom so it was a good run and great that she came to the finish.

After that Lindsey trained from the 28th January till the 1st February in South Tyrol at the Ultental for the World Championships with the US Ski Team!

Schladming World Championships:

Now the sad part of the Season comes. It began all with a foggy day in Schladming. The Super G didn’t go as planned there were like 12 or more 15 minutes delays which was not good. I was live there and I was thinking after two hours of 15 minutes delays why don’t they cancel this cause it wasn’t fun anymore.  When they suddenly said they will start the race at 14:30 I was like are they kidding me ?! The weather wasn’t really better maybe the fog was away but the light was flat and the snow got softer. Lindsey started good in her run and skied great like always her last split time before the jump was green so she was fast.  Suddenly as she landed her ski got stuck and she crashed badly :( It was terrible I was in shock and the whole finish area was silent! In my first reaction I was hoping that she can get back up but she couldn’t. She got to the hospital with the helicopter.
The result was a torn ACL and MCL and a lateral tibial plateau fracture :( From my opinion they should have canceled that race but the FIS never cares we saw that too at the last Super G in Lenzerheide where Klaus Kröll crashed :(

Lindsey got back to Vail and had her surgery there which went well.  She started to do some workout and rehab two days after it and all is going good so far. I hope her recovery continues to go well!

One good thing happened at the end of the Season.  I always hoped but didn’t think it would happen. Due to fog the last Downhill of the Season in Lenzerheide was cancelled and so Lindsey won the DH globe with a tiny margin of 1 point in front of Tina Maze. I freaked out when it was official because it was a long day of waiting. I’m really happy about it and it’s well deserved because she is the Speed Queen. She started in five Downhill’s and won three of them!!  There were also two new records cause she won it 6 times in a row and it was her 17th globe! Many Congrats to Lindsey!!!

We can say the Season had kind of a good end at least a moment where all Lindsey Fans & Lindsey were able to celebrate again! :) I hope that Lindsey has a good recovery and I can’t wait to see her again next Season racing down the slopes and going fast!! I will miss Lindsey during the next months but summer time is also needed to recharge the batteries and to get excited for winter again ;)

See you all next Season :)

Xo Marion