Start of the Ski Worldcup 2010/11 in Sölden

GS 1st Run
Lindsey had problems at the run but it's one of the most difficult GS races in the Season. Almost every ski racer had problems during the race! She got on the 24th place!

GS 2nd Run
Lindsey finished the 2nd GS run as 18th. It was the first run of the season so 18th in GS which is her weakest discipline isn't bad. I'm happy for her that she got safe in the finish without a crash!!

Levi Slalom

Slalom 1st Run
Lindsey is 6th after the 1st run!! Her 1st run was good she had only one mistake!! She had a bad Slalom Season last year so to come into the finish and be 6th is quite good!!

Slalom 2nd Run
Lindsey finished the 2nd run as 6th....she had a great 2nd run!!! She had a big mistake but she stayed into the course and raced as if nothing happend!! Her run was great except for the one mistake she had but all in all she was great!! She finished as 6th and a top ten place is good :)

Aspen Giant Slalom & Slalom

Giant Slalom 1st Run:
Lindsey fell out in the 1st run after a few gates.

Slalom 1st Run:
Lindsey came into the finish as 7th after the 1st run. She had a solid run!!

Slalom 2nd Run:
Lindsey finished the 2nd run as 8th and had an awesome run. She showed everybody that she is still the best!! She made good points for the overall worldcup :)

Lake Louise Downhill & SuperG:

1st Downhill:
Lindsey made a mistake at the first jump but she made up time in the lower part. She raced in her own class in the lower part. She got 2nd with +0.12 behind Maria Riesch.

2nd Downhill:
This time she made a perfect jump but had big mistake where she landed on her hip but she could recover and continue the race. It was awesome how she got back on the skis and made up time in the lower part. Only Maria Riesch could beat her with +0.10 which isn't so much. Lindsey would have won without that mistake which could have ended in the net and with an injury. Happy that all got out well and she got the 2nd place!!

Super G:
Lindsey raced in her own class and made an awesome run without a mistake. She won with +0.83 before Maria Riesch. She had a great run and smiled again.

St.Moritz Super G & Giant Slalom

Super G:
The Super G got canceled because of to heavy wind but it will be replaced in Val d'Isere.

Giant Slalom 1st Run:
Lindsey had a good run and she finished as 16th

Giant Slalom 2nd Run:
Lindsey skied solid and had a great run. She finished as 7th and made some good Worldcup points!!

Val d'Isere Downhill & Super Combine

Lindsey wins the DH in Val d'isere!! She had a great run with one big mistake in the upper part but she made the time up really quick and had a great time in the finish!

Super Combine:
Lindsey is 1st in the Super G of the SC! The light was bad during the SG race and also the snow was not so good. She had great SL run and won the SC in Val d'isere!!

Courchevel Slalom

Lindsey got DNF but she had quite a good run before her DNF. She was to near to a gate and so her ski opened.

Semmering Giant Slalom & Slalom

Giant Slalom 1st run:
Lindsey had a solid and great 1st GS run...she is 6th now. Some racers before Lindsey had problems and she had only one little mistake and made a good time.

Giant Slalom 2nd run:
Lindsey had a good 2nd run in my eyes..she got 7th!!

Slalom 1st run:
Lindsey unfortunately got DNF in the 1st run :( I was in Semmering watching the race and really sad that she got DNF :(

München Parallelslalom:

Lindsey got in the eight final and i think she had tough opponents to ski against. 1st against Susanne Riesch and then Maria Pietilae-Holmer who is very good in SL and a technic spezialist.

Zagreb Slalom

Lindsey got DNF in the Zagreb Slalom and she had a stomach flu :(

Zauchensee Downhill & Super G

Lindsey won the DH and had an awesome run!

Super G:
Lindsey was 2nd in the Super G!! It was a good run and incredible how she handled her big mistake!!!!!

Flachau Slalom:

Lindsey got DNF in the SL today :( She started good in the race but then she thread a pole :(

Maribor Giant Slalom & Slalom:

They had not good weather conditions for the GS & SL in Maribor and so both races got cancelled!

Cortina Downhill & Super G:

1st Super G:
Lindsey won the SG today with an awesome run!!!

Lindsey got 3rd in the DH today! She had a nearly bad crash but thank god she made an awesome recovery&continued the race. That was awesome! Lindsey sprained the MCL in her left knee during her nearly bad crash :(

2nd Super G:
Lindsey won the 2nd Super G in Cortina today!!

Sestriere Downhill & Super Combine:

The races got cancelled due to thick fog!!

Arber-Zwiesel Giant Slalom & Slalom:

Lindsey didn't start today in the SL because it's to risky for her head!! She had a bad crash during her GS training in Hinterreit and fell hard on her head. She had no major injuries on her head but a concussion :(

Giant Slalom 1st run:
Lindsey was 14th after the 1st GS run.

Giant Slalom 2nd run:
Lindsey got 18th in the GS and she said that she had problems with concentration because of her concussion :(

GAP WM 2011:

Super G:
Lindsey was 7th in SG :(( She wasn't 100% because of her concussion and she couldn't stay focused the whole run!

Super Combine:
Lindsey raced in the DH of the SC and decided then to skip the SL because she still wasn't 100% fit. For me it was the best day of my life because i got to meet Lindsey :))))

Lindsey made the silver medal and had a great run!! It was awesome and i was so happy for her! It was really cool to be live at the race! By the way i got to meet Lindsey another time :)))

Lindsey decided to skip the rest of the GAP WM events & rest to be 100% fit for the last worldcup races!

Are Super Combine,Downhill&Super G:

Super Combine:
Lindsey is 1st after the SG of the SC!! She had a great run :) Lindsey got 6th after the SL of the SC! It was a very tricky SL course and not easy to race.

Lindsey won the DH today!!! She had an awesome run!!!! It was her 40 victory and her 7 victory in the Season :)

Super G:
Lindsey was 2nd in the SG in Are was only one hundreth! That was bad luck because it could have been the other way too! Lindsey had an incredible run!

Tarvisio Super Combine, Downhill&Super G:

Super Combine:
Lindsey got 1st after the DH of the SC. In the SL of the SC she made a great run and got 2nd. She also won the Super Combine Worldcup!!

Lindsey got the DH globe!!!! She got 2nd&had a nearly crash but all in all her run was good!

Super G:
Lindsey won and got the SG globe!! She had a great run and i'm so happy for her!! 3 globes in 3 days that was just awesome!!

Spindlermühle Giant Slalom & Slalom:

Giant Slalom 1st run:
Lindsey had a good 1st GS run!! The conditions were bad and got worse after every number! Lindsey had number 16th and made a great run with only one mistake! She is 8th after the 1st GS run!

Giant Slalom 2nd run:
YEAH!!!!!!! Lindsey got 3rd today and made her 1st podium place in GS today!!!

Slalom 1st run:
Lindsey finished the 1st SL run & she had quite a good run :) She is 12th now!
Slalom 2nd run:
Lindsey finished the 2nd SL run as 16th!!! She had two good run!

After this weekend it was only 23 points difference in the overall worldcup!!!! Lindsey thought she would lose points this weekend and instead she made 75 points up :)

Season finals in Lenzerheide:

She got 4th in the DH today and had a great run with a mistake! She got also the overall lead back with 27 points difference!

Super G:
The race got canelled due to bad conditions :(

Slalom 1st run:
Lindsey is 14th now after the 1st SL run! Her startnumber was bad because the slope got worse after every racer!

Slalom 2nd run:
Lindsey had quite good SL runs today! After this race she was 3 points behind Maria in the overall worldcup!

Giant Slalom:
GS got cancelled because of bad weather again :(

Lindsey had a great season 2010/11!!! She won the DH,SG and SC globe which is great!! With or without the big globe Lindsey is the best!