Start of the Ski Worldcup 2011/12 in Sölden

GS  1st Run
Lindsey had a good run without  mistakes and skied great in the flat part of the course. She took all the speed in the flat part and got 4th after the 1st run!!!

GS 2nd Run
Lindsey was very nervous before the 2nd run as she said afterwards in the interviews and her trainers told her to risk more.  She skied good in the upper parts and took all the speed again in the flat part where she made a great time. The other racers lost time on Lindsey in the flat part and so Lindsey won with a advance of -0.04 before Viktoria Rebensburg! It was her 1st GS win in her career and she is now one of the 5 women who won in all 5 disciplines!! Awesome day the 22nd October 2011 where Lindsey wrote history!!!


Aspen Giant Slalom & Slalom

GS  1st Run
The course was pretty steep and very difficult in my eyes. Lindsey had some major mistakes and ended up as 21st after the 1st run! Even though it wasn’t a bad run!

GS 2nd Run
Lindsey was in fire to make so places up and she raced really good. She had on major mistake at the upper part but she handeled it very good. All in all she made up 9 places and got 12th!! Very good!

Lindsey didn’t start in the Slalom because of back problems.


Lake Louise Downhill & Super G

1st DH Run
Linsey had an incredible run without any mistake in my eyes. She had a margin from 1.95 seconds so awesome. She showed everyone who the Speed Queen is.

2nd DH Run
She made another great run with a margin over 1 second!  Lindsey meant her run wasn’t as perfect as yesterday because she had one mistake but by a margin over 1 second it’s great. Lindsey was also able to make her 10th victory in Lake Louise and so she has now like Renate Goetschl’s 10 victories at the same venue!

SG Run
Lindsey was able to make another victory in the Super G! This time not a margin of 1 second but a win is a win as Lindsey said in her interview. She made also a new record to win at the same venue 11 times!


Beaver Creek Super G

SG run
Lindsey had a great run even though she had so mistakes but it was awesome. She skied very agressivly and you could see that she really wanted that win here in Beaver Creek in the USA.  Shem ade it and had her 1st victory here in her home country. Lindsey said she was really nervous on the start and tried to calm down but i didn’t work. She was really happy about her win and said this was like her Olympia gold medal win in Vancouver 2010.


Courchevel Slalom

Slalom  1st run
Lindsey raced in her first Slalom this Season.  She skied really good more aggressive and confident than last year. It looked much better than last Season. Unfortunately she got DNF in the finish part cause she slipped on wet snow. All in all she raced great!


Flachau Night Slalom

Slalom 1st run
Lindsey raced really good and made also no mistake. She really improved her Slalom since last Season. She got 10th after the 1st run.

Slalom 2nd run
Lindsey started really good in the race and had only one mistake but she stayed in the course and finished the run.  She finished her first Slalom since a year. She made a 8th place which was great.


Lienz Giant Slalom & Slalom

Giant Slalom 1st run
Lindsey had a quite a good run and got 8th after the 1st run.

Giant Slalom 2nd run
Lindsey had another good run with one mistake but all in all good.  She got 5th after all which is great.

Slalom 1st run:
Lindsey had quite a good Slalom run with only one little mistake. She got 8th after the 1st run.

Slalom 2nd run:
Her 2nd run wasn’t so good but it’s only Slalom so not bad. She got 18th.


Zagreb Night Slalom:

Slalom 1st run:
Lindsey had fever and a stomach bug and didn’t feel good.  She didn’t inspect the course but skied not bad for that and got 24th after the 1st run.
Slalom 2nd run:
Lindsey still feeling bad but she skied.  She had an awesome 2nd run and made a great 9th place with the 2nd fastest time :) She really did a great job cause she looked really sick in the finish.


Bad Kleinkirchheim Downhill & Super G:

Lindsey had a big mistake after the 2nd gate and made an amazing recovery.  She made up time in the next parts of the course but in the finish she had another mistake and she got 4th all in all.  She didn’t have enough energy because of the stomach bug she got in Zagreb.

Super G:
Lindsey had  a clean run but she wasn’t able to ski aggressive and so she lost time till the finish and got 18th. Her energy still wasn’t there and  she wasn’t  100 percent healthy.


Cortina Downhill & Super G

Lindsey felt better and her energy was back. She had a bit bad luck with the wind but her run was great.  She skied aggressively and attacked the course. She made a great 2nd place!

Super G:
Lindsey wanted to win today and so she risked all as always. She skied on the limit and aggressive.  Her run was great and she made her 17th victory in SG there and her 47th World Cup victory. She also has with her 17th win as many wins as Renate Götschl in SG and no one has more!


Kranjska Gora Giant Slalom & Slalom

Giant Slalom 1st run:
Lindsey had bib 1 and had a great first run. She skied aggressive and made only little mistakes.  She got 5th after the 1st run. The course was really difficult and icy.

Giant Slalom 2nd run:
Lindsey skied great in upper part of the course but in the finish part she made some mistakes which costed her the speed and some time. She finished 4th with only +0.03 behind the 3rd Rebensburg. She made good points and her 4th place is great.

Slalom 1st run:
Lindsey quite a good run on the steep and icy course.

Slalom 2nd run:
Lindsey finished also the 2nd run and did good. She got 7th all in all!!!


St.Moritz Super Combines & Downhill

1st Super Combine:
Lindsey did pretty good in the downhill part she skied clean and had only two little mistakes but she made a good time.
In the Slalom part many skiers skied out cause it was so icy. Lindsey had a great run and won the 1st Combine of the Season with Tina Maze finishing 2nd and Niki Hosp getting 3rd.

Lindsey skied great clean and without mistakes. She made a good time and won this race.  Maria Höfl-Riesch finished 2nd and Tina Weirather 3rd.

2nd Super Combine:
Lindsey had some mistakes in the Super G part but she still finished 1st.  Her margin to Maria wasn’t so big this time as it was at the 1st Super Combine.
In the Slalom it wasn’t so icy this time but it was a tough race.  Lindsey skied really good in the Slalom and finished 2nd with only +0.03 behind Maria Höfl-Riesch who had her  1st win of the Season there.
Lindsey was happy with the Slalom part but not satisfied with her Super G run.


 Garmisch Partenkirchen Downhill & Super G:

Downhill (04.02.2012):
With this win Lindsey was able to make her  50th win and her 25th downhill win with which she got 2nd behind Annemarie Moser-Pröll in the list of the skiers who won the most downhills.
She had a great run with one major mistake but she made up a lot of time in the last part of the run.  2nd was Nadja Kamer and 3rd Tina Weirather. Lindsey was moved to tears and really happy about her  50th win.

Super G:
This wasn’t a good day. First Lindsey had to wait for more than 3 minutes to start because a gate or something got fixed which was a bit unfair.  She skied good till she got DNF because she missed a gate :(

Soldeu Giant Slalom & Slalom:

Slalom 1st run:
Lindsey skied good in the upper part but had problems in the steeper part and got DNF then.

Giant Slalom 1st run:
Lindsey had a good 1st run with only one mistake and she finished 12th after the 1st run.

Giant Slalom 2nd run:
Lindsey had a good 2nd run but bad luck with the wind! She got 8th all in all and made good points!


Sochi Downhill & Super Combine:
Lindsey had a good run and got 2nd behind Maria Höfl-Riesch.  With this place she also fixed the Downhill World Cup Title for the 5th time in a row!!

Super Combine:
It got cancelled due to bad weather and snow conditions.  As this was the last SC Lindsey won the Super Combine World Cup Title too!!


Moscow City Event:

Lindsey had to ski first against Sorokina from Russia where she won! Then she skied against Kathrin Zettel who had an mistake & skied out in the 1st run. Lindsey finished both runs and got in the Semifinals. In the Semifinals she skied against Julia Mancuso.  It was a tight race which Jules won.  So Lindsey was in the Small finals against Maria Höfl-Riesch for the 3rd place. Lindsey was behind Maria in the 1st run but made the time up in the 2nd run and won with -0.08 hundredths before Maria!!
So she got 3rd all in all and made great points!!


Bansko Downhill & Super G:

It got canceled due to strong wind and soft snow conditions.

Super G:
The course setting was difficult and more like a giant slalom setting.  Lindsey started good in the upper part but in the middle section she had a big mistake. But she managed it make up 0.60 hundredths in the last part with a incredible and risky finish. She won with -0.05 hundredths before Weirather!! It was her 51st win and she also made good points for the Super G World Cup!


Ofterschwang Giant Slalom & Slalom:

Giant Slalom1 1st run:
The snow was very soft due to the high temperatures. Lindsey had a solid 1st run and got 10th after the 1st run.

Giant Slalom1 2nd run:
Lindsey had unfortunately some mistakes during her 2nd run but she was able to hold her 10th place and made good points.

Giant Slalom2 1st run:
Lindsey had quite a good run but she hit a gate and her goggles slipped then so she couldn’t see much. She finished 6th after the 1st run.

Giant Slalom2 2nd run:
Lindsey had an incredible run she risked all the made up +1.11 Seconds which was great.  The course was set by her coach. Only Rebensburg was able to beat her with +0.26 hundredths. Lindsey made an awesome 2nd place which was awesome.  Her 3rd podium finish in a GS!

Slalom :
Lindsey unfortunately got DNF in the 1st run but skied great till she thread a pole. Lindsey watched the 2nd run where Resi Stiegler made her 1st podium place of her career. Resi got 2nd which was great.


Are Giant Slalom & Slalom:

Giant Slalom 1st run:
Lindsey had a good 1st run without a mistake and she had the lead after the 1st run with +0.07 before Rebensburg. It was the first time that Lindsey was in the lead after a 1st GS run.

Giant Slalom 2nd run:
Lindsey came for the 1st time as the last racer in GS and she was also a bit nervous. She skied awesome and risked all. She made a great time and won her 2nd GS of her career. She also clinched her 4th Overall title with this win. Incredible day for Lindsey and her fans :)

Slalom 1st run:
Lindsey came as 16th and had quite a good run with one mistake. She got 15th after the 1st run.

Slalom 2nd run:
Lindsey started good into the run but unfortunately she got DNF short before the finish.  Till the DNF she skied good.  The light was also not so good in the last part.


Schladming World Cup Finals:

Lindsey had an awesome run. She won with a margin of 0.92 hundreths! It was her 12 Season victory and her 53 career victory. She has also now 1908 points in the Overall World Cup and is able to beat Hermann Maiers record of 2000 points.

Super G:
Lindsey had a good run was ahead of Rebenburgs in all intervalls but had unfortunately a mistake before the finish which costed her time. She got 6th all in all.

Slalom 1st Run:
Lindsey had a good run and got 7th after the 1st run.

Slalom 2nd run:
Lindsey had another good run and got 8th all in all. With this place she made 32 points with which she beated the record of Janica Kostelic of most points in the Season. She had 1970 and Lindsey has now 1980!!!

Giant Slalom 1st run:
Lindsey had not a bad run and the slope was really difficult steepest of GS of the Season. Lindsey got 16th after the 1st run.

Giant Slalom 2nd run:
Lindsey unfortunately lost her pole at the start :( She fighted the whole run and did her best.  She got 24th all in all and made no points.  I’ve to say that Lindsey did a great job skiing down the slope with only one pole cause the last part is really steep and she made it down. Heads off Lindsey & Lindsey won 1980 points this Season and broke many records which is incredible!!!


It was an incredible Season for Lindsey and I’m very happy for her! She won 12 races this Season,  4 World Cup globes, has now 53 wins in her career and broke records this Season! Many Congrats to Lindsey for her success and for always staying strong & never giving up no matter what happens! Your true fans will always support you Lindsey!

Written by Marion Tuschek!


                                                                                                                                                                    ©Marion Tuschek